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Finding the right training programs for your employees that are affordable, reliable, and from a trusted source can be a daunting task. That's where MBA Education comes into the equation. We provide in-depth training offerings for all experience levels, and for both single-family and commercial/multifamily companies, in a convenient and all-inclusive format that can be tailored to anyone's learning or budget needs. We work directly with industry leaders and in-house subject matter experts to provide relevant information and instruction to your employees in one easy-to-navigate place.

Ensure that all of your employees are equipped with the skills and knowledge they require to help advance your business with MBA Education.

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See How Our Customers Use Corporate Training for Their Business

Large Commercial Depository

We've delivered private School of Loan Origination (SOLO) classes each month over a two-year period, totaling over 350 loan officers trained at this large commercial depository. Learn more about SOLO and how it can help you develop your origination team.

Federal Agency

Year-over-year, this federal agency sends Examiners, Policy Analysts, and Economists to School of Mortgage Banking (SOMB) I, II, and III so the staff can receive their Accredited Mortgage Professional (AMP) designation. Learn more about SOMB and see how the classes can help grow your business.

Large Commercial/Multifamily Lender

To minimize staff travel costs and time out of the office, this lender holds private Multifamily Property Inspection Workshops annually to make ensure Analysts, Underwriters, and Portfolio Managers alike understand the inspection process and how to evaluate the physical condition of the multifamily property. Learn more about this two-day workshop.

Small Independent Mortgage Bank

This company signed up for the Education Advantage (Premium) package which gives unlimited access to 200+ web-based self-study courses, certification and designation packages, and the CMB program. The Premium package also gives two complimentary enrollments to every SOMB class throughout the year. Learn more about how Education Advantage can help you lower your training budget while getting more.

Credit Unions, Independent Mortgage Banks and Depositories

Through Content Licensing, members have paid a flat fee for each self-study course to get unlimited access to our content on their Learning Management System (LMS). MBA Education's technology allows for a seamless upload of the files no matter your LMS provider, and also creates a connection to the cloud so we can provide updated content without disrupting the student progress. View our complete list of 200+ self-study courses.

Program Details

For more information, contact Kathy Ryan, Associate Vice President, Business Development, at [email protected], or (202) 557-2945.