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    CE: Formalizing Your Strategy for Cybersecurity Preparedness

    January 8, 2020

    Summary: Join MBA Compliance Essentials for a timely discussion on preparing for the evolving cybersecurity and privacy needs of 2020 and beyond. As states continue to increase regulations and focus on protecting consumer information, the real estate finance industry must continue to increase its...


    CE: Preparing for the FHA Annual Recertification Process

    January 9, 2020

    Summary: Join MBA Compliance Essentials for a webinar on the FHA annual recertification process, which for most FHA-approved lenders and servicers must be completed on or before March 31st each year. Given the focus by HUD and the Department of Justice on the annual and loan-level certification s...


    Ten Things Your Company Must Do in 2020

    January 14, 2020

    Summary: This webinar is part of MBA Education's Garrett, McAuley & Co. Mortgage Banking Management Webinar Series. For most companies 2019 started out as a severe challenge with profits evaporating, but then a surge of originations, fueled by low rates, turned the year around. What will 2020 bri...


    CE: Trends in CFPB Servicing Rules

    January 15, 2020

    Join MBA Education and the Compliance Essentials program to hear about the latest developments pertaining to the CFPB’s Servicing Rules. Building upon its 2013 Servicing Rules, the CFPB released additional Servicing requirements in 2016. This webinar will address the content of the 2016 Servicing...


    CE: A Deep Dive into RESPA Section 8

    January 16, 2020

    Summary: Join MBA's Compliance Essentials program and legal experts for a close examination of the anti-kickback and fee splitting provisions of Section 8 of RESPA and the kinds of activity that may or may not violate the law. Our panelists will focus on the most-common exemptions in Section 8 th...


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    Appraisal (A): Evaluating Collateral Risk

    Live webinar held on January 29, 2019. Summary: When it comes to signing off on an appraisal report by the underwriter it’s not all about value. Instead, underwriters use appraisals to determine overall risk exposure and risk appetite for a given property. This session dives into the various ph...


    Appraisal (B): Pros & Cons of Various Valuation Products

    Live webinar held on February 28, 2019. Summary: New valuation products and services are hitting the market every day. Gain an advantage by knowing what options there are and which of those options best fits your needs in terms of time, money and reliability. This session will breakdown the vari...


    Appraisal (C): Revisions, Reconsiderations & Rebuttals

    Live webinar held on March 28, 2019. Summary: This session covers the do’s and don’ts in handling appraisal revisions, reconsiderations and rebuttals. Basic tips for quickly and effectively reviewing an appraisal for issues or concerns will be presented. Followed by guidance on how to successfu...


    Appraisal (D): Latest Developments in USPAP

    Live webinar held on April 30, 2019. Summary: This webinar, the fourth in our Appraisal Webinar Series, will highlight the most impactful 2018-2019 changes to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and the new appraiser education and experience requirements. Attendees ...


    Basics of Commercial Loan Closing and Loan Documentation

    Live webinar held on May 7, 2019. Summary: This introductory webinar will establish the basics for loan closing and loan documentation on commercial properties. This webinar will focus on the steps that need to be taken to properly close a loan and corresponding documentation required. The pre...


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