CONVERGENCE Columbus is an initiative led by the Mortgage Bankers Association, Ohio Housing Finance Agency, and the John Glenn College of Public Affairs at The Ohio State University to increase minority homeownership in Columbus, Ohio. CONVERGENCE Columbus seeks to increase minority homeownership and the wealth-building opportunities that come with it. The initiative seeks to address key homeownership challenges identified by MBA research, including the below.

Our Goal is to Reduce These Key Homeownership Challenges

  1. Information Gap: Combat the myths and misperceptions that led many consumers to self-select out of the market, often when they already qualify for homeownership but do not know it.
  2. Trust Gap: Address the reluctance of many consumers, especially in minority communities, to trust financial institutions for fear of being mistreated or victimized.
  3. Market Gap: Develop strategies for addressing housing inventory challenges, including issues of housing quality and neighborhood amenities.
  4. Resource Gap: Maximize industry and consumer awareness of, and access to, financial subsidies and related affordable lending programs/products.


Infomation & Trust Gap: We will utilize new messages, messengers, and partnerships to debunk common myths and misperceptions that are causing residents to self-select out of the homeownership market and inhibiting them from interacting with formal players in the homebuying chain.

Education & Empowerment: We will develop a comprehensive community engagement strategy to educate consumers about the opportunities, possibilities, and benefits of homeownership, including available resources.

Resource & Product Gap: We will identify and raise awareness around key affordable lending programs and products to assist aspiring homeowners, as well as explore new efforts that lenders can undertake to increase homeownership.

Market Outreach: We will synchronize consumer point-of-contact and marketing efforts with affordable programs, products, and resources to ensure a consistent message and process for helping potential homebuyers.

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