Chris Wiley

Managing Partner TechMor LLC

Chris has consulted at the intersection of Technology and Mortgage for 2 decades. He spent tours with PwC and E&Y. His transition to Mortgage was via his teams at WaMu who subsumed the Thrift and S&L industry. That led to a PwC project Chris where he helped launch MCT Trading. He returned as COO in 2005 until the ’08 crash when he met the now TechMor team as they acquired his client. Chris helped lead the practical implementation of our AI and Machine Learning since 2017. He helped lead their transformation from full-doc manual underwriting as contract services, with thousands of employees, into a spinoff as TechMor. Since its debut in 2019, TechMor quietly emerged as the dominant AI/ML UW Platform with 500,000+ files delivered, including Fannie, Freddie, FHA, VA, USDA, & NonQM.

Photo of Chris Wiley

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