Certified Mortgage Banker (CMB)

The Certified Mortgage Banker (CMB ®) designation is the industry standard of professional success. It symbolizes respect, credibility, ethics and achievement within real estate finance. Earning a CMB instantly places you at the top of our dynamic industry and makes you a part of the elite group that has achieved the highest level of professional success.

You can choose to earn a Commercial or Residential CMB or see if you qualify to earn an Executive CMB. Complete both Commercial and Residential CMB programs to earn your Master CMB. Achievement of these designations represents the epitome of dedication and expertise in the real estate finance industry.

Since its inception in 1973, the CMB has been the highest professional designation for the real estate finance industry. The CMB community is made up of outstanding industry professionals and leaders. With such a great community, the designation continues to define excellence within the industry.

Whether obtaining the designation as a personal achievement in their careers, or as a testament to the industry, CMB designees exhibit the dedication that inspires other professionals to strive for excellence. In fact, more than 89% of CMB designees hold the title of vice president or higher, reflecting the level of leadership and commitment designees maintain.

The Tools to Succeed The designation program is comprised of several steps. From documentation to exam preparation through graduation, the MBA Education staff helps you every step of the way.

We have all the right tools to help you succeed. MBA Education offers award-winning training to help you meet the requirements and prepare for the exam.

If you are an individual who would like to demonstrate your commitment to professional excellence and distinguish yourself as a leader within the industry, the CMB designation is the program for you.

Residential. Commercial. Executive. Master.
Choose the path that is right for you.

When the program was initially developed, professionals who wished to earn the designation were required to learn both commercial and residential finance disciplines before they could earn the CMB. At that time, most lenders ran commercial shops within their organization, so it was expected that professionals could, and would, learn both parts of the industry.

The growth of the industry necessitated the division of companies to focus on more specialized operations and as a result, many new companies appeared on the playing field. Now many successful professionals are experts within their field and may never have had the opportunity or need to learn the other side of the business.

The CMB Society recognized this shift within the industry and resolved to address the progression of our workforce by segmenting the designation into these three distinct groups.

Once a candidate has accumulated 150 points and met the minimum point requirements, he or she is eligible to take the comprehensive written examination. You can prepare for the exam by registering for a prep course - a course designed to help you familiarize yourself with the topics covered on the both the written and oral exams.

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