School of Mortgage Banking (SOMB) III

Watch and Learn

Hear Thomas J. Healy, PhD, CMB, Chairman & CEO of Level1Analytics, and lead instructor for SOMB III talk about the recent course upgrades and how they will help improve your company's bottom line.

Willis Bryant Award

The Willis Bryant Award recognizes scholastic achievement and leadership qualities displayed throughout all three SOMB course levels. 

SOMB III is your final course in MBA's School of Mortgage Banking series and emphasizes long-term strategic planning in a mortgage-banking environment. Throughout the course, you will receive hands-on training in planning and forecasting future business operations. Not only will you be introduced to the critical elements of planning, but you will also be exposed to the effects that various conditions and situations have on the planning process. During this class, you will be competing against other teams to produce the most creative, yet realistic, strategy for a fictitious company using an advanced computerized model that will take you through several economic quarters and varying economic conditions in order to restore profitability to your firm. You will be able to apply what you learn in the lessons to develop a successful business plan. In the process, you will practice the effective management of diverse skills and personalities in a small workgroup. The culmination of this activity is for you to present your strategy and results to the "Board."

Upcoming SOMB III Courses

CMB Certification Credit


Upon successful completion of this course, you will earn 30 points toward your Certified Mortgage Banker (CMB) designation

AMP Designation Credit


Professionals who complete all three SOMB courses will receive their Accredited Mortgage Professional (AMP) designation.

The Details

Course Level: Advanced
Course Delivery Method
Classroom or Online Course
Duration of Classroom Course: 
Four days
Duration of Online Course:
 13 two and a half hours sessions held over three consecutive weeks
Elements: Case Study, Final Exam, Discussion Boards/Forums, Group Assignment/Activities, Student Presentations

What is my first step?

In order to enroll in and attend SOMB III, you must first complete SOMB II and pass the final exam.

Are you exempt from taking SOMB III?
There are no exemptions from SOMB III.

For Your Staff

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