MORPAC - MBA's Political Action Committee


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MORPAC, the Mortgage Bankers Association Political Action Committee, is the voluntary, non-partisan Political Action Committee (PAC) of the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA). It is the only PAC that directly represents the interests of the real estate finance industry in our nation's political system. MORPAC supports your advocacy efforts by raising money to help elect and re-elect candidate to Congress who have an understanding of the real estate finance industry and who are supportive of our profession.

MORPAC Is Your Industry's Voice

When Congress addresses issues important to the real estate finance industry, its decisions will affect us - either for better or worse. It is up to the industry to make our individual voices heard in the political arena. MORPAC encourages participation in the political process by pooling financial resources to help elect qualified federal candidates whose views and voting records reflect the interests of MBA and is members.


Click on the video below to see why MORPAC is important to the future of our industry.





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Last updated January 8, 2016
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