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mPact is MBA's network for young professionals in the real estate finance industry. Join a community of your peers, share your experiences with others online, network with industry insiders, hone your skills or have a voice in the future of real estate finance. This is your opportunity to make your mark, and move our industry forward.

Our Mission:

As the leading association for the real estate finance industry, MBA is dedicated to helping young professionals in commercial and single-family residential real estate finance. Our goal is to provide a platform for young professionals to build a strong network, deepen industry connections, achieve professional excellence and directly influence the future of our industry. 

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Take the first step to joining this exclusive network by connecting with your peers in the mPact community or on Instagram. Then take a moment to explore everything this page has to offer, for example...register for an upcoming industry event designed to help you expand your professional relationships, enroll in an education course to take your career to the next level, contribute to our non-profit charity and support those we're helping in local communities, get involved in our advocacy group to weigh in on important issues or download one of our many publications to get the latest news affecting our industry.

This is your one-stop-shop for everything you need to know, learn or attend.
he opportunities are endless and mPact is your path to success. 

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Do you want to get involved? Do you have an idea on how we can make mPact better? We'd love to hear from you. Here is how you can reach us: 

For Commercial/Multifamily mPact, contact Rita Kelly

For Residential mPact, contact Krystal Thomas

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