RC_LA_DA_200.1 Working in Default Administration

1-5 Education Intermediate Loan Administration & Servicing Residential Residential Certified Mortgage Servicer (RCMS) Self-Study Web-Based Courses
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Working in Default Administration provides a high-level overview of concepts related to working in the default administration group within a typical mortgage servicing operation. It begins by describing the role of servicing within the lending process and the role of the default administration department within servicing. The course then presents a typical organizational structure for a default administration group and discusses the role of management within the group. Next, it looks at the skills sets required for success in default administration. Toward the end of the course, it provides an overview of the agencies, insurers, and guarantors that affect the way a default administration group conducts business. Finally, the course highlights the key laws that affect the way default administration operates.

This is a single-family/residential course.


  • Default Administration in Mortgage Servicing
  • The Role of Default Administration
  • Organizational Structure of Default Administration
  • Management of Default Administration
  • Skill Sets in Default Administration
  • Responsibilities to Outside Entities
  • Regulation and Default Administration


    Seat time approximately 1 hour 20 minutes.

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