RC_RC_GO_400.1 Reviewing Loan Files for Compliance Professionals

1-5 Advanced Certified Mortgage Compliance Professional (CMCP) Education Regulatory Compliance, Law, & Fraud Residential Self-Study Web-Based Courses
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This course introduces the concepts related to reviewing a closed loan file for regulatory compliance, a critical element of any lender's compliance management system. Loan File Review for Compliance Professionals is an overview course that familiarizes the learner with the forms and information required by each regulation that has transaction-level requirements. It also offers the reasoning behind the need to perform a file review and the practical application of the results of the review.

The Reviewing Loan Files for Compliance Professionals course is organized around looking at a loan file for compliance with specific laws and regulatory areas. The course begins with a general introduction to the file review process, and then looks at reviews specific to consumer financial protection laws such as TILA, RESPA, and SAFE; electronic communications laws as such as E-SIGN; fair lending laws; privacy, credit reporting, and AML compliance; and finally insurance laws such as the Homeowners Protection Act and Flood Disaster Protection Act. For each area, the course discusses documentation that should be present in a loan file to show compliance, highlights key checkpoints on those documents, and provides commentary from a compliance expert.

This is a single-family/residential course.

  • Introduction to Loan File Review
  • Review for TILA Compliance
  • Review for RESPA Compliance
  • Review for SAFE Compliance
  • Review for Fair Lending Compliance
  • Review for ESIGN and UETA Compliance
  • Review for Privacy, Credit Reporting, and AML Compliance
  • Review for Insurance Compliance

Seat time approximately three (3) hours.

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