National Delinquency Survey

The National Delinquency Survey (NDS) is one of the most recognized sources for residential mortgage delinquency and foreclosure rates. Based on a sample of almost 40 million first lien loans reported by servicers including independent mortgage banks and depositories such as large banks, community banks, and credit unions, NDS provides quarterly delinquency and foreclosure statistics at the national, regional and state levels.

Delinquency and foreclosure measures are broken out into various loan types (All loans, Conventional, VA and FHA) and fixed and adjustable rate products. At each geographic classification, there are 7 measures: total delinquencies, delinquency by past due category (30-59 days, 60-89 days and 90 days and over), new foreclosures starts, foreclosure inventory, and seriously delinquent. The total number of loans serviced each quarter is also included in the data.

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National Delinquency Historical Reports

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Historical Report (3050-16) - State, U.S. Loan Level (ordering instructions inside) - SAMPLE

$40-$1,000 / $60-$1,500
All Data Points - SAMPLE

$2,500 / $4,000
Recent Foreclosure Trends Report for All States
Foreclosure Trends (Inventory Percent and Starts Rate) for All States for Last 5 Quarters (Data available for All Loans, Conventional, FHA and VA loan types), VIEW SAMPLE [XLS]

$125 / $250
Recent Delinquency Trends Report for All States
Delinquency Trends (measures available for Total Past Due, 30 days, 60 Days, and 90+ Days) for All States for Last 5 Quarters (Data available for All Loans, Conventional, FHA and VA loan types), VIEW EXAMPLE [XLS]

$125 / $250
Seasonally and Non-Seasonally Adjusted Totals - U.S. Level (includes Total Past Due, 30 days, 60 days, +90 Days Past Due, Foreclosure Starts, Foreclosure Inventory, Mortgage Numbers Serviced for All Loans Aggregated loan type for the U.S.), VIEW EXAMPLE [XLS] $60 / $100

Origination Year Data

NDS Origination Year – Vintage Curves by Product Type - Seriously Delinquent Rate of Loans by Origination Year and Composition of Quarterly Seriously Delinquent Rate by Origination Year for All, FHA, and VA loan types. Report dates from 2008 to most recent quarter results - SAMPLE $50 / $100

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