State-Level Application Data

Are you looking for near real-time data on how your applications compare with the totals for the states where you operate? Do you wonder whether you are getting your share of purchase applications or how fast FHA apps are growing? Would you like to know how aggressive your competition is in pushing 15-year refis?

This exclusive report from MBA Research provides state-level information on retail/consumer direct applications shortly after the end of each month, giving you the ability to benchmark your application volume by purpose, loan size, term, FHA/VA share and other characteristics. You will be able to see how quickly a particular state is growing relative to nearby states and the rest of the country.

With the reported national refinance share, the data can assist with predicting prepayment speeds or through a breakdown of loan balance tranches (see example file for specifics on available tranches), you can more precisely determine the values of MBS pools.

Provided in an EXCEL format, the data can be easily downloaded from your inbox and quickly imported into analytical models.

Some of the metrics in the report include:

  • Purchase and refinance share within a state and on a national level
  • Average loan sizes by loan product
  • Loan type share for purchase and refinance
  • Loan balance share for purchase and refinances

Reports Prod. No. Member/
Historical Report*, SAMPLE 3050-10 $700/$1000
Annual Subscription*, SAMPLE 3050-11 $500/$900
Annual Subscription (Single State)**, SAMPLE 3050-12 $150/$200

*The annual subscription and historical file are formatted identically, allowing purchasers of both to update the historical file with monthly updates from the annual subscription.
**Single-state subscriptions will be delivered as PDFs and can be ordered via email at


  • Data is for retail/consumer direct applications ONLY.
  • Data are not seasonally adjusted or adjusted for different day counts within the months. For year-over-year comparisons, it is important to note that some months change from year to year with respect to number of data collection periods (e.g. June 2012 included five weeks ending Friday while June 2011 included four weeks ending Friday).
  • Data are collected in conjunction with the Weekly Applications Survey, but are separate and distinct from Weekly Application Survey results.

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