Executive CMB


MBA Education's Executive Certified Mortgage Banker (CMB® ) designation is designed for senior-level executives with 10+ years of experience who are interested in obtaining the prestigious CMB designation. The streamlined program allows experienced real estate finance professionals to substitute their real-world knowledge for many of the educational requirements of the Residential or Commercial CMB programs.

Executive CMB candidates must apply and be accepted to the program, complete the CMB prep course and pass the same rigorous exams as traditional CMBs. CMBs assert that they have access to more valuable networking opportunities, have more confidence in their jobs and experience increased job satisfaction. All CMBs are recognized as members of a select group of influential leaders within the mortgage banking industry.

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Candidate Profile

  • Professional with a minimum of ten years experience in the real estate finance industry.
  • Senior management level at an MBA member company.

Executive CMB Designation Path

In order to obtain an Executive CMB, you must first apply by submitting a resume or CV to ALawrence@mba.org.

CMB Designation Path - CMB

Executive Designation Requirements

Experience Level: Candidates must have ten or more years in the mortgage industry before they can apply for the Executive CMB program.
Education Requirement: Yes, candidate must complete MBA Education's CMB prep course, offered online a various times throughout the year.
Written Exam: Yes, a six hour exam conducted by an approved proctor.
Oral Exam: Yes, a one hour exam conducted by CMB designee panel at locations across the country.

The Process

1. Apply for the Executive CMB program by emailing your resume or CV to ALawrence@mba.org.

Note: To become an Executive CMB candidate, you must have at least ten years professional experience in the real estate finance industry and have achieved a senior management position with an MBA member company.

Program Fees: Total cost for the executive CMB program, including all exams, certificates and test materials is $2,500.

2. Provide documentation. Please provide MBA Education with the following documents:

  • A copy of your current resume and bio
  • Name of your CMB mentor (if you do not have a sponsor in mind, MBA Education staff will assist in matching you with a CMB)
  • Professional Photo for graduation purposes

3. Prepare. Once you have been accepted, you may register for a CMB prep course which will help you familiarize yourself with the topics covered on the exams. Remember, the exams are based upon the knowledge you have gained throughout your entire career. Your professional experience and interaction with other professionals in the industry is the best preparation for taking these exams.

4. Meet with your mentor. If you do not know a CMB designee, we will assist in matching you with someone to help you prepare for the exam. Their role is to answer any questions you have related to the topics covered on the exam and help you prepare for both the written and oral exam phases. Your CMB mentor must sign the MBA Education Sponsorship Agreement, which states that he or she agrees to fulfill all of the requirements of being a CMB mentor.

5. Take the online written exam. Schedule your online written exam with us by emailing ALawrence@mba.org or by calling (202)-557-2766. Once your exam is scheduled, you will need to identify someone to act as your proctor, usually someone within your human resources department or a senior officer of your firm. We will provide your proctor with instructions to administer the exam, and your proctor will facilitate your online written exam in person in order to monitor your exam time. You will have approximately six hours to complete the exam and it must be finished within one day. You will be allowed time for breaks and lunch. This is not an open book examination.

You will receive the results of your written exam within 5-7 business days. If you do not pass all of the six sections, you will only need to complete the sections you do not pass. Passing rate is 75% or better. There is a re-examination fee of $150 per attempt.

Exam Fee - Included in Program Fees

6. Complete the oral exam.
Once you pass your written exam, you participate in a one-hour oral exam. These interviews are conducted by CMB designees.

7. Graduate. Once you complete these steps, you are officially a CMB designee. You will receive your official plaque at the CMB Graduation Ceremony and Reception, which is held at MBA's Annual Convention each year.

8. Be Recognized. All CMB graduates will be recognized at the Opening General Session at the convention. Your photograph will be displayed and you will be asked to stand and be acknowledged.