Commercial Mortgage Servicer: Level I Certificate Package

Commercial / Multifamily Commercial Certified Mortgage Servicer (CCMS) Education
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Commercial Mortgage Servicer: Level I Certificate Package

The Commercial Mortgage Servicer: Level I Certificate recognizes professionals who have achieved a foundation of knowledge in commercial mortgage servicing practices, theories, and applications.


One year of industry experience is recommended.

Step 1: Complete Package Enrollment

Enroll in the package which includes the required curriculum and comprehensive Level I exam. 

Step 2: Complete Required Curriculum

Complete the following four web-based courses which represents roughly 50 hours of self-paced training. 

  1. CS_S_100 Life Cycle of Commercial/Multifamily Loans
    • Commercial/Multifamily Fundamentals
    • Commercial/Multifamily Origination and Underwriting
    • Commercial/Multifamily Loan Documentation and Closing
    • Commercial/Multifamily Sale and Securitization and Commercial Multifamily Servicing

  2. CS_S_201 Basics of Commercial/Multifamily Servicing
    • Commercial/Multifamily Servicer Background
    • Commercial/Multifamily Servicing Relationships
    • Commercial/Multifamily Sources of Funds
    • Commercial/Multifamily Financing Vehicles
    • How Commercial/Multifamily Servicers Make Money
  3. CS_S_202 Benchmarking Commercial/Multifamily Servicer Performance
    • Benchmarking in Commercial/Multifamily Loan Servicing
    • External Commercial/Multifamily Benchmarking Requirements
    • Internal Commercial/Multifamily Benchmarking Requirements
    • Measuring Performance of Commercial/Multifamily Loans
    • Risks and Consequences of Commercial/Multifamily Loans
  4. CS_S_204 Commercial/Multifamily Servicer Surveillance
    • Commercial/Multifamily Surveillance Fundamentals
    • Commercial/Multifamily Loan Surveillance
    • Commercial/Multifamily Property Surveillance
    • Commercial/Multifamily Performance Surveillance
    • Communicating Commercial/Multifamily Surveillance Findings

Click to learn about the Commercial Mortgage Servicer: Level I Certificate curriculum.

Step 3: Pass the Level I Exam

Pass the Level I comprehensive exam. Passing the test earns the Commercial Mortgage Servicer Level I Certificate.

  • Commercial Mortgage Servicer: Level I Certificate Exam

Next steps: Upon completion of the Level I exam, take the next step by enrolling in the Commercial Certified Mortgage Servicer Level II Program.

Enterprise Enrollment

Certify your servicing staff through this program. Learn more about MBA Education's Enterprise Certificate Programs by calling (800) 793-6222.