Residential Certified Mortgage Servicer: Designation Package

Education Loan Administration & Servicing Residential Residential Certified Mortgage Servicer (RCMS)
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Residential Certified Mortgage Servicer: Designation Package

The Residential Mortgage Servicer: Designation component is the final step in the Residential Certified Mortgage Servicer learning path. Completion of this program along with the prerequisites results in the award of the Residential Certified Mortgage Servicer: Designation credential. This designation recognizes an individual's superior knowledge and experience in servicing practices, theories and applications. Residential Certified Mortgage Service designees become members of an elite network of residential servicing professionals. This progressive curriculum establishes the standard of training for servicing professionals.

The Level III curriculum develops knowledge and skills in the following areas: bankruptcy; loan recovery; insurance servicing; investor reporting; and REO.

The Residential Certified Mortgage Servicer: Designation Package includes:

  1. RS_LA_DA_302 Bankruptcy Essentials
    • Bankruptcy Basics
    • Processing the Bankruptcy Loan
  2. RS_LA_DA_303 Conventional Loan Recovery
    • Conventional Loan Recovery Essentials
    • Foreclosure Essentials
    • Claims Essentials
    • Corporate Advance Essentials
  3. RS_LA_EA_301 Insurance Servicing
    • Insurance Servicing Foundations
    • Property Insurance Requirements
    • The Insurance Department
    • Processing Insurance Claims
    • Insurance Policies and Coverage
    • Insurance Documents
  4. RS_LA_IR_200 Investor Reporting
    • Investor Reporting Concepts
    • Investor Reporting Requirements
    • Freddie Mac Reporting Requirements
    • Fannie Mae Reporting Requirements
    • Ginnie Mae Reporting Requirements
    • Private Investor Reporting Requirements
  5. RS_LA_DA_304 Managing REO
    • Introduction to Real Estate Owned (REO)
    • Real Estate Owned (REO) Acquisition and Boarding
    • Real Estate Owned (REO) Pre-Marketing
    • Real Estate Owned (REO) Marketing and Sale
  6. Residential Certified Mortgage Servicer: Designation Exam

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The courses represent approximately 20 hours of seat time.

Completion of the Residential Mortgage Servicer: Level I Certificate and Residential Mortgage Servicer: Level II Certificate programs are the prerequisites for this program.