Housing Solutions Coalition: There Is No Debate. Rent Caps Hurt Renters and Communities

June 28, 2024 Press Release


Adam DeSanctis

(202) 557-2727

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 28, 2024) – Statement from the Housing Solutions Coalition in reference to President Biden’s mention of capping rents during the debate:

 “Decades of academic research from across the United States and around the world clearly show that rent caps – more commonly known as rent control – reduce the supply of available housing and fail to target those renters who need help the most while simultaneously harming other residents and the communities they reside in. Despite President Biden’s mention of rent caps during the debate, he and his policy experts know that the real reason so many Americans struggle with housing costs is because we need to build more housing. There is no debate. Rent caps hurt renters and communities.” 

 For more information about solutions to address the housing shortage, visit www.housingsolutionscoalition.org.