Mortgage Bankers Performance Reports - Quarterly and Annual

The quarterly and annual performance reports provide current data on the revenues and expenses associated with the origination and servicing of one- to four-unit residential mortgage loans. Detailed information on production and servicing volume mixes by product type are also included. The reports are targeted to independent mortgage companies and bank subsidiaries.

MBA members and non-members may purchase a one-year subscription consisting of four quarterly publications, the Annual Mortgage Bankers Performance Report, which is a compilation of the four quarters of a given year, or an individual copy of the most recent quarterly report. For information on ordering additional quarterly reports, please contact us at

Other performance reports available for purchase include:

Your Firm Analysis

Exclusively for MBA Members who submit quarterly MBFRF data, this service allows you to compare your company's performance to national averages. Metrics of your company data are displayed next to the aggregated data, using the same Mortgage Bankers Performance Report format and calculations. This service is free for MBA members who subscribe to our Quarterly Mortgage Bankers Performance Report. Email for more information.

Data Included
A total of 85 different tables are included in each report.

Residential Loan Production Data, including loan production revenues and expenses (dollars per loan and basis points); productivity metrics such as pull-through and loans originated per employee; production mix (dollars and count); and loan balances for peer groups organized by:

  • Production Volume $
  • Retail versus Wholesale Production Mix
  • Retail Production Only Companies by Size
  • Company Type
  • Bank and Thrift Subsidiaries by Size
  • Independent Mortgage Companies by Size

Residential Loan Servicing Data, including direct and indirect servicing revenues and expenses (dollars per loan and basis points); servicer productivity (loans serviced per employee); servicing mix (dollars and count); and loan balances for peer groups organized by:

  • Servicing Volume #
  • Company Type

Balance Sheet and Net Income Summary, All Firms (production-only companies, production and servicing companies, servicing-only companies) by:

  • Asset Size
  • Company Type

For more information regarding the content of this product, contact Alternatively, contact Jenny Masoud at (202) 557-2879 or Marina Walsh at (202) 557-2817.

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