Monthly Loan Monitoring Survey

MBA initiated a weekly survey of forbearance and call center activity at the beginning of April, 2020. In December 2021, the survey transitioned to MBA's Monthly Loan Monitoring Survey. Subscribers will receive a 40 page report around the third week of every month (excluding holidays). The Monthly Loan Monitoring Survey provides data on:

  • Servicing volume share by investor type
  • Weekly borrower forbearance requests as a % of servicing volume (#)
  • Total loans in forbearance as a % of servicing portfolio by investor
  • % of Borrowers who were current at end of reporting month.
  • % of loans in forbearance by investor type (IMBs vs banks)
  • Weekly call center inquiries as a % of servicing portfolio volume
  • Servicing volume share by Ginnie Mae Buyouts vs All other
  • Monthly forbearance requests as % of servicing volume
  • Percent of loans in forbearance by stage (initial forbearance plan, forbearance extensions and forbearance re-entries.)
  • % of Forbearance extensions by total length of forbearance (less than 12 months or greater than 12 months.)
  • Monthly forbearance exits as a % of servicing portfolio by investor
  • Monthly forbearance exits by reason
  • State level data including % of portfolio by state and % of loans that were current as of month end by state.
  • % of inquiries handled via IVR vs call center agent
  • Call center abandonment rate
  • Average Speed to Answer (ASA) in minutes
  • Average Handle Time (AHT) in minutes

This product is available in electronic version. Subscribers will receive an excel of data as well as a pdf containing charts. This subscription will begin with the next published report and continue for one-year or until the Monthly Loan Monitoring Survey is no longer produced. Subscribers will receive one email per month with the excel and pdf. Download sample files:  Subscription PDF, Historical File Excel

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