GSE Multifamily Policy

The Enterprises play a critical role in providing a reliable source of capital for the multifamily mortgage market and support the increase in supply of affordable rental housing.

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The GSEs serve as an important source of capital for financing multifamily housing. In the current context of multifamily housing finance and GSE reform, MBA will continue to advocate for legislative or administrative reform that supports liquidity in all market cycles while recognizing the important role of competition in financing multifamily housing. MBA will engage with policymakers to encourage GSE-related policies to support an appropriate role in affordable housing and underserved markets.

Over a decade has passed since the Enterprises were placed into government conservatorship. Despite the intent that conservatorship would serve as only a temporary bridge to stabilize the Enterprises, the conservatorship persists, and the Enterprises’ long-term status remains unresolved. GSE reform bills have been introduced in Congress; MBA and other organizations have released white papers and other documents suggesting visions for the future of the GSEs and housing finance.

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